On December 12, 2007, the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) announced the availability of the draft Current Intelligence Bulletin (CIB) entitled “Interim Guidance on Medical Screening of Workers Potentially Exposed to Engineered Nanoparticles.” NIOSH will hold a public meeting on the draft CIB on January 30, 2008. The meeting will include scientists and representatives from various government agencies, industry, labor, and other stakeholders, and is open to the public, limited only by the space available. Because the meeting room accommodates only 80 people, NIOSH must receive notification of intent to attend the meeting no later than January 18, 2008. Persons wanting to provide oral comments at the meeting are requested to notify NIOSH no later than January 11, 2008. NIOSH will give priority for attendance to those providing oral comments. NIOSH will then accommodate other requests to attend the meeting on a first-come basis. Comments on the draft CIB are due February 15, 2008.

According to the December 12, 2007, Federal Register notice, during the meeting, NIOSH will place special emphasis on discussion of the following:

  1. Do the data support the conclusions of the document?
  2. Are the conclusions appropriate in light of the current understanding of toxicological data?
  3. Is medical surveillance appropriate at this time for workers with potential exposure to engineered nanoparticles; if so, what form(s) of medical surveillance are specific for such workers?
  4. What are the potential benefits, adverse impacts, and limitations of medical screening of workers potentially exposed to engineered nanoparticles?
  5. What are the potential benefits, adverse impacts, and limitations of establishing an exposure registry for workers exposed to engineered nanoparticles?