We are pleased to announce that CRC Press has published Nanotechnology and the Environment, which Lynn L. Bergeson co-authored. Nanotechnology and the Environment includes a general explanation of nanomaterials, their properties, and their uses; describes the processes used to manufacture nanoscale materials; furnishes information on the analysis of nanomaterials in the environment and their fate and transport, including the effects of wastewater treatment on nanomaterials; discusses possible risks to human health and the environment; and describes developing regulations to manage those risks.

 Bergeson and her co-authors:

  • Focus on six of the most common nanomaterials (titanium dioxide, zero valent iron, silver, carbon black, fullerenes, and carbon nanotubes) to provide a cohesive presentation of issues;
  • Follow those materials from their manufacture and use to their fate and transport in the environment and possible consequences of exposure;
  • Discuss frameworks, such as life cycle analysis, for evaluating the balance between risk and reward as nanomaterials are manufactured, used, and released to the environment; and
  • Describe regulations evolving around the world as a basis for regulatory compliance and control of possible risks.