TechConnect World Innovation Conference and Expo will be held June 17-19, 2019.  It will include the third installment of a panel started three years ago, “Tools and Techniques:  Applying the Best Health, Safety, and Environment Practices to Advanced Manufacturing.”  The Symposium Co-Chairs include:

  • Sally Tinkle, Senior Strategy and Policy Advisor, IDA/Science and Technology Policy Institute;
  • Chuck Geraci, Associate Director, National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH);
  • Jo Anne Shatkin, President, Vireo Advisors; and
  • Wu-Sheng Shih, Project Manager, Brewer Science Inc.

The key speakers include:

  • Michele Ostraat, Research Center Leader – Downstream, Aramco Services Company, “Advanced Manufacturing and the Fourth Industrial Revolution”;
  • Christina Agapakis, Creative Director, Ginkgo Bioworks, “What’s Happening in the Biomanufacturing Sector?”;
  • Alan J. Kennedy, Research Biologist, Engineer Research and Development Center – U.S. Army, “From Emergence to Convergence: The Growing Divide between Innovation and Risk Assessment”;
  • Kevin L. Dunn, Industrial Hygienist, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)/NIOSH, “Additive Manufacturing: Occupational Safety Techniques and Lessons Learned from 13 NIOSH site assessments”; and
  • Wendel Wohlleben, Senior Scientist, BASF SE, Germany, “Beyond Nanotech: An International Perspective on Advanced Materials & Systems.”