The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) published a report entitled Moving Towards a Safe(r) Innovation Approach (SIA) for More Sustainable Nanomaterials and Nano-enabled Products.  According to the Executive Summary, the report “presents common working descriptions to ensure a common understanding of concepts such as: Safe(r) Innovation Approach and its elements, Safe(r)-by-Design and Regulatory Preparedness.”  The report compiles existing risk assessment tools, frameworks, and initiatives developed for Safe(r)-by-Design.  OECD states that the inventory of risk assessment tools and frameworks should help industry implement a “Safe(r) Innovation Approach” for nanomaterials and nano-enabled products.  This includes a review of lessons learned from applying existing Safe(r)-by-Design concepts and tools and methods applied in hazard, exposure, and risk assessment and management along the innovation value chain.  OECD conducted a review of the applicability of the Safe(r)-by-Design concept, based on feedback gained through case studies and existing initiatives, and analyzed the constraints and limitations on the applicability of these tools and frameworks.  The information is complemented by an inventory of regulatory strategies for raising awareness and improving decision-making, including foresight, horizon scanning, and other methodologies, and of available governance models that incorporate a Safe(r) Innovation Approach and Safe(r)-by-Design concept.  The report also outlines the constraints and limitations on the applicability of these strategies and governance models.  Finally, the report compiles information on regulatory initiatives related to the review of innovative approaches and technologies, assessing whether these concepts are already integrated into current legislation or guidance.  The report proposes a combination of Safe(r)-by-Design and relevant regulatory strategies for awareness raising and decision making to achieve a Safe(r) Innovation Approach, supporting industrial initiatives in adopting a Safe(r) Innovation Approach with descriptors for a Safe(r) Innovation Approach for nanomaterials and nano-enabled products.